Acupuncture for Tendonitis

Acupuncture is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine and is based on balancing the flow of energy that runs through our body. It is especially often used in the treatment of various pains.  Acupuncture has been used for the treatment of these diseases in China for over 5000 years. At present, it is considered by Western medicine as an effective technique in many diseases, especially in cases where we see limited or modern medicine contraindicated , and in particular in the treatment of chronic pain .

Tendonitis Acupuncture
Tendonitis is a condition that can have causes occupational and non-occupational or be the result of these two factors. Under the vision of Traditional Chinese Medicine,  tendonitis is an energetic disturbance in the channel of liver and gallbladder, regarding nutrition and moistening of the tendons, causing weakness, pain and inflammation.

One treatment option for those suffering with  tendonitis is acupuncture. Being an anti-inflammatory therapy, scientifically proven, the method for tendonitis is quite effective.

Acupuncture procedure itself is very simple at first glance, but in reality is more complicated. The needle is inserted just under the skin, and the acupressure points that affect the state of the body. It is believed that acupuncture originated in China over 4,000 years ago. However, there is evidence that acupuncture has evolved in parallel in Tibet, Mongolia, India, Korea, knew about it the ancient Egyptians, the Incas used it. However, one thing is certain Tibet is considered one of the founders of the ancient art of acupuncture. Tibet, like China, has long remained an isolated country, their long-term wisdom of recently opened to the world. Their medicine has evolved in a completely unique way, regardless of technical and scientific progress, which was followed by other countries. Tibetan medical knowledge are closely linked with the philosophy and concepts of the world order.

Ancient Eastern healers believed that the disease enters the human body through the outer shell, through the skin and slowly advanced into the body. Watching the patients, they noticed that the impact on some sensitive areas of the skin that are located at specific points on the body, can positively influence the course of the disease.

The effectiveness of the method in the treatment of tendinitis has been recognized and endorsed in Congress for Consensus on Acupuncture, occurred in 1997 sponsored by the National Institutes of Health U.S., in the city of Bethesda, Maryland.  The  pressure points used  during sessions of acupuncture are  located at or close by the site of pain and also  fingernail tips, ears, ankles and wrists.

Here are some tips  to prevent or relieve the symptoms of tendinitis:

- Avoid repetitive motions;
- Refrain from consuming alcohol or foods that can injure the liver;
- Avoid getting bored;
- Limit consumption of  fried or fatty foods;
- Use ice on the injured area, except the abdomen and lumbar spine.